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The year in Review

It is December, and we all know that means it's not only the end of the year, but for us, it's the end of the Capital City Public Market! It's always a  bittersweet feeling because it's where I get to mostly interact with all of my amazing customers on a personal level, and although I am really not a fan of freezing off my fanny in the 20 degree weather to bring you all the goodies each and every Saturday, I don't mind staying home and sleeping in on the weekends for the next few months! 

One thing I have really wanted to work on over the winter is a new product line I have been developing for a while now. I can finally focus on getting the packaging and labels done, and focus on production! 

Come see us this coming Saturday December 8th and our last day of the season December 15th from 10:30 to 2:30 on the Grove in Downtown Boise. Bundle up and come say hello! 

Ciao for now, 


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